Amended Consumer Protection Act 2019 Vis-A Vis Health Care of Patients




Medical Professionals, Medical Negligence, Medical Mal Practice, Medico Legal Cases, Speedy Justice, Bolam Test, Pecuniary Jurisdiction, Vicariously liable, Central Consumer Protection Authority


The approach is aimed at the identification of the gaps and loopholes which might prove detrimental in the achievement of proper goals as perceived by the patients and their attendants who have to visit hospitals for treatment. Undesirable and unwanted actions or inactions in situations of the utmost need of a medical professional constitute the two infamous conduct-related words –Medical Negligence and Medical Malpractice. The focus on the study undertaken was concentrated on finding out whether or not coming into force of Consumer Protection Act, 2019 could make any substantial difference as far as Justice in medico-legal cases is concerned.


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(1995)6 SCC 651.

(2019) SCC online SC 1658.

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Big Bazaar (Future Retail Ltd.) V Ashok Kumar, RP 975 of 2020.



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Dr. Om Prakash Saxena, & Dr. Ganesh Dubey. (2022). Amended Consumer Protection Act 2019 Vis-A Vis Health Care of Patients. Legal Research Development, 6(III), 27–28.