Misuse Of Public Interest Litigation: A Critical Study As How It Is A Major Threat To Judiciary





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Regardless of how much advancement PILs have brought to the Indian Judicial framework, we can't unseen the other side of the coin at any expense as PILs are being mishandled a great deal these days alongside its broad and manhandled use. They have brought different traps and downsides as well. Thusly, to keep away from such instances of maltreatment of the PILs, the high court itself set out a definite rule that will be utilized to administer the administration and removal of the PILs. Numerous PIL activists in India have been utilizing the PILs as a helpful apparatus for pestering the legal framework. Since recording PILs is a modest cycle, numerous unimportant cases are being documented with no speculation of heavy court charges which one would typically pay for common prosecution cases. Subsequently, by recording such cases, bargains are haggled to get cash for the said bothered party to get the PILs. The basic clarification for such cases is that any weapon that can be utilized to safeguard oneself can likewise be utilized to assault somebody. Utilizing a similar rationale, one can bring down the Locus Standi prerequisites which license the inspired gatherings to record PILs which could address a public interest matter.


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