A Study Of Human Rights Jurisprudence: An Overview





A Study of Human Jurisprudence, Theory of Law, Generations of Humans , Positivist Theory, Jurisprudence and Law


The history of Human Rights or Human Rights Jurisprudence is as old as the development & civilization of human. The Natural Law has given the birth to the concept of human rights. The term ‘Human Rights’ first of all was used by Thomas Paine which is the English translation of ‘Rights of Man’ in Francis declaration and after that the word ‘Human Rights’ was used in UN Charter. Human Rights Jurisprudence: An Overview & the brief contents of the Indian Human Rights Jurisprudence has been mentioned in this research paper which is useful, beneficial & helpful for research scholars, students, Professors, teachers, institutions or organizations or establishments, commissions, governments, NGOs, trusts, Colleges, Universities, person (s) individually or group (s), society and other required persons pertaining to conduct research & do all the required or needful things as per need of hour, requirements, time & circumstances.


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