Public Interest Litigation: An Innovative step towards Judicial Activism


  • Kala Dineshbhai Kariya LL.M (Gold Medalist) Advocate (Gujarat High Court) Rajkot, Gujarat, (India).



Judicial Activism, Activate judicial method, PIL (Public Interest Litigation), locus standi, enforcement of fundamental rights


Public Interest Litigation was a revolutionary innovation which attempt to ensure implementation of rescue programme, framed for the benefit of the needy. In India the Judicial Scenario changed during the 1980s when the apex court allowed anybody with sufficient public interest to approach the court and request to enforce any public right or welfare scheme. It also compelled the government and its authorities to perform their task and for this revolutionary action, Justice P.N. Bhagwati & Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer have played a play role in promoting the avenue of approaching the apex court of the country, seeking legal remedies in area where public interests tare at state. PIL is an Innovative step towards Judicial Activism, and also it is an inexpensive legal remedy for those people who are poor, weak, helpless but still there is no awareness or less awareness about judicial activism through PIL in the society. So by this research paper I want to spread awareness. My Aim behind this is to give information to every people whose fundamental rights, Human rights, religious rights etc. are affected. My Aim behind this is to think the people of the society that; The Doctrine of Locus Standi and The Doctrine of the Natural Justice is still alive.


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Kala Dineshbhai Kariya. (2017). Public Interest Litigation: An Innovative step towards Judicial Activism. Legal Research Development, 2(II), 13–16.