Legal Framework For Transgenders in India: A Study Focusing State Of Kerala


  • Dr. Money Veena VR Asst. Professor of Law, Government Law College, Thiruvananthapuram, University of Kerala, India image/svg+xml



transgender,, equality,, judiciary,, legal protection,, Constitution etc.


Transgender people are individuals of any age or sex whose appearance, personal characteristics, or behaviours differ from stereotypes about how men and women are supposed’ to be. They have existed in every culture, race, and class since the story of human life has been recorded. Condition of transgender is very pitiable in our society and they are underprivileged from their basic rights and are still not accepted by Indian society. Many transgenders suffer from mental health problems like depression and suicidal tendencies. In spite of being into existence for so long, the transgender community has never been able to become a part of mainstream society. They are often pushed to the periphery as a social outcaste and many may end up begging and dancing. This is by all means human trafficking. Sometimes running out of all options to feed themselves, they even engage themselves as sex workers for survival. This paper attempts to analyze the legal protection of transgenders, the judicial approach in transgender issues and also the policy of the Government of Kerala for transgenders.



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