Disability – Is Itself An Ability


  • Neelam Sheth Parikh Assistant Professor, Khyati Institute of Integrated Law, University of Gujrat, Ahemdabad, Gujrat, India image/svg+xml




Right of Disable Person, employment and livelihood opportunities, Education of disable persons, Grievance Redressal


In India, people are not aware about Right of Disable Person. Such person still thinks that God has made them such to survive in the world and feel depressed by their inability. But, that’s not true at all. God has given him strength that not even normal person can do. To deal with disability and still doing the same work and daily routine as a normal person is great ability given by God to
such Special Persons. Disability in normal sense any defect either physical or mental. There is some diseased person who is also covered under disability. We often see the recruitment area where special seats are reserved for such disable persons. This is what? This is the Rights given to them by Law. So many Laws had given rights to such Special Person, such as Constitution of India, Labour laws, Family Laws, Income Tax Act, Educational laws, etc. People with different kind of Disability are not aware about such laws and provisions regarding their Rights. To make them aware is necessary for making them feel independent and able. So by this research paper I want to spread awareness. My motive behind this is to think every people that; Disability is not an ability which they don’t have in their lives. But, it’s an ability which is different from other normal persons.


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