Indian Healthcare Segment: A Challenge to Human Security in 21st Century


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Indian Healthcare Segment, A Challenge to Human Security in 21st Century, India Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940


During the last three decades, the pharmaceutical sector has shown an explosive growth all over the world. After eatables, cosmetics and textile, pharmaceutical are rapidly surging ahead to become the third largest industry in several developed countries, thanks to health awareness propagated by World Health Organization (WHO).1 India has not lagged behind. Indian Pharmaceutical Industry in spite of tough competition, have got entrenched in eastern, mid-eastern and in several western markets. Some of our pharmaceutical multinationals have already acquired an edge over several well established foreign multinationals. Our pharmaceutical export revenue is increasing year after year. The researcher has highlighted the issue concerning the heath issues of the people of developing nations like India as a challenge for 21st century.


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