Impact of Media Over Judiciary: An Analytical Study




Media, Information, Fair Trial, Judiciary, Democracy


In India there are three organ of the government legislative that make laws, executive that implement laws and judiciary which apply laws in different cases according to the facts of case and deliver justice but in the press and media in India are regarded as the fourth and most important essence of the democratic nation like India. In the research paper researcher will be discussing about Media, what are the rights guaranteed by the Indian Constitution to press what are limit of the rights, what are the positive and negative effect of Media over the Indian judiciary with certain case laws.


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Dr. Rattan Singh and Dr. Shruti Bedi, Law and Media, Published by Allahabad Law Agency 2019, 17.

Dr. Rattan Singh and Dr. Shruti Bedi, Law and Media, Published by Allahabad Law Agency 2019,18.

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