Computer Forensic-A New Branch Of Forensic Science And Cyber Crime




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Computer forensic is also known as digital forensic. The computer forensic examiner or expert works with other law enforcement agencies make a unit. As the information technology increases its resources for the advancement of society, digital crimes or cyber-crimes are also increases at very rapid speed simultaneously. This is a very great loss of our technological privileges. To curb cyber-crime there is need of an anti-cyber-crime professionals or examiners, experts and other law enforcement officials they assist to each other in investigation of cyber-crime. Section 79 A of The Information Technology Act 2000, provides provisions for examiner of electronic records and gives power to Central Government to appoint any department, body or agency of Central or State Government as an examiner of Electronic Evidence. Now days, there is a great need of computer forensic examiner or expert to mitigate or diminish cyber-crimes. Generally a case of cyber-crime cannot be resolved to some extent, without the assistance of computer expert or forensic examiner or expert. Several crimes like child pornography and forgery or fraud in online transaction are required forensic examination of evidence.  


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