Role Of Law In Ameliorating The Conditions Of Women






Women conditions,

Laws, Substantive Laws,

Procedural Laws,

Indian Penal Code,

Sexual Assault,

Kidnapping provisions,

Cruelty to women etc.


The provisions of gender equality are defined in the Constitution of India through the Preamble, Part IV Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties, and DPSP (Directive Principles of State Policy). It not only provides for providing equality to women but also gives the power to the state for adopting measures and from the Laws, Rules & Regulations in their favor. However, even after the passing of 72 years since the constitution was enacted, women face discrimination from cradle to grave. In this paper, we will outline the provisions of the constitution that provide for equal status of women with men making positive discrimination in favor of women and for women empowerment. Thereafter, we will discuss certain important laws that have played a crucial role in securing the safety and dignity of women and empowering them.


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