Human Rights Violations In Jammu And Kashmir And Post Abrogation of Article 370




Human rights, violation, abuse, media, laws, security, misuse, international law and fundamental rights, article 370, exodus of Kashmiri Pundits and scenario after abrogation of article 370


Kashmir has been a peaceful locus to live in ancient times. Every individual was living peacefully with one another and there was a religious diversity. All religious communities were living in peaceful ways with cultural unity and prosperity. However circumstances changed after the liberation of India. Some historical decisions changed whole scenario and status quo of Kashmir which resulted in humongous deployment of Indian troops in Kashmir, birth of terrorism and widespread gross human rights violations. The state of Jammu and Kashmir remains a constant headache for both India and Pakistan. Lack of constant efforts in resolving political differences and snatching the basic human rights had led the people of Kashmir in segregation, fear and uncertainty. Hence, in this research study I shall be highlighting atrocities, misuse of authority, onerous and brutal laws, post 1987 political turmoil, insurgency after 90s, exodus of Kashmiri Pundits, gross human rights infringement, post article 370 abrogation and old historical errors done by government of India. I shall be highlighting the real injustice done to people of Kashmir, failure of the judiciary to protect the fundamental rights of its people, widespread abuse of power and violation of international and territorial law. In this research study, documented and archival methods, field works, perceptions of inhabitant victims of my valley especially residents of my place, personal and collective experiences of conflict regions and qualitative methods of research.


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