Old age, citizens, protection, human rights, dignity, maintenance, abuse, security


Aging is an inevitable consequence of life. Elderly are the valuable treasures of our society with superior knowledge and have a linkage of the past, present and future that was then passed to forthcoming peer groups and served as a healthy bonding between young and elderly. The paper provides highlights of certain rights of senior citizens and challenges faced in recent times. How far have we as a society come to give a better life to elderly? The westernization and modernization of society has resulted in a “cultural shock” but society should be so developed to retain its values, culture and civilization. Human Rights are part and parcel of Human Dignity, adequately secured by various provisions of Indian Constitution, national and international texts. The Indian judiciary has frequently addressed many issues of the social relationships by stressing on constitutional provisions peculiarly Article 14 and 21. In this year 2022, India will be celebrating its 75th Independence but the intent behind this legislation pertaining to elderly is yet not fully achieved. A character of law cannot be seen in isolation, above that it needs to be emotionally connected which will serve the true purpose of a particular law because certain matters in our society are emotionally connected to people. Despite the physical health problems, they are affected by mental health issues, the Covid-19 Pandemic accelerated doubts such as ‘End of life’ and additional burden of the deadly disease and associated evils of social distancing. There exists a need for more age-friendly cities in India to combat loneliness. The maturity and seniority should not be taken as a word but an actual sense of superiority is needed towards observing them as a resource rather than a burden.


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