An Analytical Study of Juvenile Delinquency in India with Reference to 2021




Delinquency, Juvenile, Crime against Juvenile, Juvenile Justice Act, Rehabilitation, Principles of child delinquency


Teenagers are the valuable heritage of any nation and its golden future, but adolescence is the only stage when this future of the country needs to be handled the most. Adolescence is a stage of sensitivity, passion, excitement, struggle, labor, learning, personality change. This age is the most important factor which decides the personality of the individual and from this personality the condition of nation-building or destruction is created. For the last many decades, adolescent is on the path of delinquency. The facts are shocking if the NCRB reports are studied. Crimes committed by juveniles are increasing. Their involvement is increasing in crimes like murder, robbery, dacoity, theft, rebellion, kidnapping, which is a matter of crisis. Concerned about this, India adopted the Convention on the Rights of Children adopted by the United Nations Assembly on 11 December 1992 and, showing its activeness, enacted the Juvenile Justice and Protection of Children Act 2000 so that Work can be done for the improvement of delinquent juveniles, their protection and rehabilitation.


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