An Analytical Study of Human Rights and Women




Human rights and women rights, violation of human rights of women in various countries including India, summary of various manifestos of women`s rights and various important suggestions to protect the human rights of women.


Human rights are those rights which a human being has only because he is humane. Man is considered to be the most intelligent creature of all the living beings on earth and is expected to live within the bounds of Morality and Law. According to the Law, rights cannot be discriminated on the basis of men and women. Women and children are the real capital of any country. Any country can progress only when there is proper development on women. They have the right to join the mainstream of the country. The preamble to the charter of the United Nations states that “We the people of the United Nations express our faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and importance and value of human beings and is the equal rights of man and women.” Along with this, the rights of equality of women have been declared in United Nations organisation charter.

This research paper highlights the present status of women in various countries including India and their on-going human rights violation.


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Dr. Sushila Devi Chauhan: Women and Human Rights ‘’A Global Perspective ‘’Goel Book Distributors; Edition first, 2021.

UN women, facts & figures on violence against women:



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