Compensatory Assistance To The Victims Of Acid Attacks




Acid Attack, Vitriol, Victims, Compensation, Perpetrators etc.


Violence with throwing acid is a heinous act of crime which falls under the offence against body. Attack of acid is mostly committed against women who are of young age. It is an intentional act, object in most cases to take revenge. Basically, it is gender based violence and gradually increasing against women. Acid that normally used in attack are easily available in market. The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013 and guidelines issued by the apex court under the Laxmi case regarding compensation and assistance in favour of acid attack survivor, so the proper treatment can be done, expense can be bearable and victim can face the challenges. Through this research paper scholar wants to highlight on caused, impact and relief provide by the state to the innocent victim and also recommended that proper check should be done on sale of acids.


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