Legal Education: New Challenges




Legal Education, History & Development, Aims & Objectives, Rules and standards, New Challenges


Legal education should aim at promoting ‘Justice’ - The idea of Bar Council of India was to make the study of law as prestigious and attractive as technological and management studies - What is legal education doing for social justice? - The law schools of this country are confronted with the great task of infusing into our legal system - We have been discussing what our law needs - Legal education as a science which imparts to students’ knowledge of certain principles and provisions of law - Profession of law is a noble calling and the members of the legal profession occupies a very high position - legal education should not only produce attorneys but should be observed as a legal tool for social proposal – The aims of legal education may be multi-fold in a developing democratic country like India - Legal education is a broad concept - Legal education is influenced by a multitude of factors. - The function of the Bar Council of India as rules on standards of Legal Education. Legal education institutions engage in field of legal education and strive to improve the quality of legal education in India. There are many challenges and issues surrounding legal education.


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