A Critical Study of Rights of Males With Special Reference To Human Rights In India


  • Surbhi Tyagi (B.A.LL.B), B.S. Anangpuria Institute of Law, Alampur, Haryana, (India) Email Address: surbhityagi.tyagi1996@gmail.com




Rights of Males,, Exploitation of males,, sexual harassment of males or their abuse.


On global note, humans can survive easily but due to offensive state of minds people get exploit at various whereabouts. There are so many provisions, regulations and guidelines in support of human life but on some part people lack harmonious environs and vicinity which somewhere leads to stress, assault, exploitation or harassments. As India is a male dominating country, here when we talk about assault, exploitation or harassments, most of the brains struck on assault, exploitation or harassments of females only. Nobody thinks of a man getting humiliated, assaulted, exploited or harassed as they are considered to be muscular, strong and emotionless. But on a wider note we can say that both males and females get exploited or harassed. But unfortunately India have legislation for females only and not for males. Due to the supremacy of males, making law of harassment or exploitation for males is considered to be an act of low nobility for them. According to the author Robert Chinsky Matuson – “Many people mistakenly believe that harassment is limited to females”. Because of no law or legislation, so many males suffer, get exploited, assaulted or harassed silently. Many times men due to this atmosphere, dominated vibes and fake androcentrism are not able to take stand for themselves.


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Section 377: The Indian Penal Code, 1860.

Article 14: The Constitution of India.

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According to the report of BBC - At Global Level: https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20190313-why-more-men-kill- themselves-than-women



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