Domestic Violence in India: An Analytical Study


  • Dr. Shiv Pratap Singh Raghav Principal Mahatma gandhi Law College Affiliated to Jiwaji University Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India Pin: 474011 Email Address: image/svg+xml



Domestic violence,, psychological harm,, genuine obstacle,, cruelty,, safeguard,, harasses etc.


Domestic violence at home is a gender-based violence, intending on subordinating women. The global dimensions of domestic violence are of great concern, both in terms of their scope and extent. Section 498A of Indian Panel Code was introduced in the year 1983 to protect married women from being exposed to cruelty by the husband or his relatives. In the l980s the worm and movements in India foregrounded the issue of violence against women with a special emphasis on dowry related violence suffered by married women. Under the provisions of criminal law, while the perpetrator of domestic violence could be prosecuted and punished, women's need for shelter, maintenance, custody of children and compensation remained unaddressed. The issue of “domestic violence” must not necessarily remain domestic. The notion of domestic violence must be taken out from the “private sphere” and politicized.


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