Protection of Children Juvenile Justice System in India: A Review


  • Mandeep Kaur Research Scholar(Law), Jiwaji University , Gwalior, madhya Pradesh, India Email Address: image/svg+xml



Children Rights, Juvenile Justice System, Constitutional Provisions Regarding Juveniles , Juvenile Justice Law


“A Critical and Comprehensive Study of Children under Juvenile Justice Act.” Juvenile Justice System is most unique and enlightened structure grasped by the world citizenry with all round improvement of kids. The prime focus is to change the ruffians and offer thought to the unprotected kids. To the degree practicable, a youngster to be rehabilitee and restored to the family. The article assessed the Juvenile Justice System in India in the light of guaranteed considering and International parameters. Distinctive adults today have this inside and out Aristotelian beginning of pre-adulthood without having truly investigated any of Aristotle. It shows their perception of their own relationship toward the adolescents around them. In this manner they consider the fundamental obligation they bear toward their teenagers to be the promise to give the kind of enduring condition those adolescents need to layout into customary adults, with the ordinary and mental structures set up anticipated that would play out the limits we perceive that average, standard adults can perform According to what we have called the “Aristotelian start”, youth is an on an essential dimension stand out state. On such a point of view, the estimation of what a tyke produces can't be required to be extraordinary in it, not withstanding, critical for helping the tyke to shape into a sensible adult. Possibly some youth craftsmanship is a counter guide to this yearning. Plainly, one could fight that grown-ups, who, as youngsters, were urged to pass on workmanship, and what's more make music and outperform wants at redirections, will in all probability be succeeding grown-ups than the general population who are not requested to give such “outlets” to their significance and inventiveness., what occurs in youth dominatingly impacts our perspective of absolute lives through the impacts that pubescence achievement or disappointment should have on grown-ups people”


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The study has been based within the ambit of Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 as this legislation was in existence during the time of the study. Currently the juvenile justice system is governed by the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015. Though there is a new legislation now, some of the core aspects pertaining to the child and the juvenile justice system included in this study continues to remain relevant even within the context of the new legislation.

In the new Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015, the term ‘juvenile in conflict with law’ has been replaced with ‘child in conflict with law’ However this study has used the word ‘juvenile’ as the study was based on the earlier Act.

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